USHUD reviews the reasons why Real Estate Pros Have Reasons Not To Call

Why does every car freak share the same dream? The dream is to locate a rare 1965 (insert favorite car here) in a barn being sold by a blind old geezer that wants to unload the car for next to

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USHUD Reviews Real Estate Professionals and the Rational of Not Calling Referrals

During the USHUD review of the reasons some Real Estate pros struggle it was clear that the list is replete with reasons that after stepping back fell into one very larger category. It was also clear through the review that

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USHUD Reviews Real Estate Pros Avoiding the Phone?

The same review of the same real estate pros suffering through “broke” days more often than enjoying “living large” days have in common the regularity in which a real estate professional either follows up or avoids calling a lead while

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USHUD Reviews What Goes Wrong in Online Real Estate

At the USHUD cooperative we get calls every day from people that need help and new business. What goes wrong is reviewed here and what goes right is also covered in another post. The first thing that goes wrong is

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REPOST: Home Warranties Are Worth Their Weight

As a real estate agent, your client is your top priority. You are, after all, in the client services industry, and not only should you aim to help your client, but to also shepherd them through what will likely be

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REPOST: How Far Does $400K Go In Different Markets?

Have you ever wondered how far $400,000 could take you in various markets? This has been analyzed in a newly released HomeUnion report comparing investment property values in 10 of the most sought-after markets among HomeUnion’s clients. The company analyzed

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Basic Training of Tools and Skills

I love my real estate tool chest: CRM, lead-generation systems, transaction management, call capture, electronic signatures and social media. The tools that real estate agents and brokers have at their fingertips are second to none, and we, as an industry,

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Mortgage Applications Are Rising

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How To Save Money On Your Home

The process of buying a new home is stressful, even if you’ve already done it before. Looking at properties, researching areas, processing paperwork, etc., can all take a toll on your schedule and daily life. With all this going on,

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Customer Service That Works For All

No matter what your job title is, in real estate, customers are the reason your company makes money. Whether you’re a real estate agent, an administrator or in sales, customers and clients breathe life into your business. Because they’re so

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