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What is a Loft?

“Loft” is a term that comes up in apartment searches, especially in big cities where rentals are tight like New York City, Boston, Chicago, or San Francisco. But how is a loft different than a studio or an apartment? Often,

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Exploring Government-Backed Loans

If you are ready to buy a house and are looking at loan options, it is a great idea to see if you qualify for a government-backed loan. There are a couple of different options for government-backed loans, some with

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Real Estate Term of the Day – Littoral Land

Littoral Land refers to land that is located next to a pooled body of water, like a lake or a sea. It is not to be confused with riparian land, which is land located next to flowing waterways like rivers.

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Trending – Housing Shortage a Goldmine for Developers?

If you have tried to buy or rent a house in the last year – especially in a major city in the US, then you know that there is a shortage of housing that is making competition fierce. This is

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The Perfect Garden for Your Space

Outdoor spaces and greenery are becoming more and more of a selling point for consumers in today’s market, and learning how to make the most of your garden or yard space will raise your home’s trendiness and make your neighbors

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Real Estate Term of the Day – 18 Hour City

An 18 hour city is defined as a second-tier city with a higher-than-average urban population growth and a lower cost of living and doing business than first-tier cities. In terms of real estate, they are seen as investment alternatives to

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Trending – Home Prices are Rising

According to data collected, the rise in home prices between 2017 and 2018 is a whopping 10%. To put that in perspective, home prices have been rising steadily every year for the last 20 years, but only by 3-4% per

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Interest Rate Report – July 2018

As our economy moves on from the Great Recession, interest rates are still expected to rise for the remainder of 2018. The Federal Reserve aims to keep raising rates for the rest of the year, so predictions for the summer

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Real Estate Term of the Day : Alligator Property

An Alligator Property is a term used in rentals, wherein the cost of maintaining a rental property are more expensive than the income it brings in. The landlord will end up with a negative cash flow unless they can sell

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Navigating Your Property Taxes

What is the difference between a home appraisal and a tax assessment? Who decides how much I pay in taxes, and how do they decide it? Where are my property taxes going? These are all common questions that homeowner’s have

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