What professional sports bring to a city I

USHUD need look no further than what has happened to the city of Cleveland recently. First the Cleveland Browns drafted a Heisman trophy winning Johnny Manziel in the first round. Manziel may not be the starter this year but then again…he may be? That interest keeps millions of speculators talking about Cleveland. That type of publicity is invaluable.

This brings attention to the city of Cleveland that they have not seen since LeBron James left town on his way to winning the World Championship with the Miami Heat. His move from his home town of Cleveland stuck in the craw of many Clevelanders and left the overlooked city feeling even more overlooked and under-appreciated. Other celebrities such as  Drew Carey have tried to bring more economic growth to the city they love but nothing does more to put a town on the map than a professional sports team calling that city their home. Except for that team being a winner. And that is exactly what Cleveland Cavaliers owners are betting on. A winner with LeBron, their hometown hero leading the way.

Oklahoma knew this when they dealt fast and hard to get the Seattle Supersonics to move from Washington to Oklahoma.

Having a professional sports team call your city home doesn’t just bring revenue in during games but has a lasting effect on how the city is seen by citizens of other cities and states. While losing a team can have the opposite effect.

As we review the past several months and the flurry of attention that Cleveland has received more people have heard the name Cleveland in the past three months than they have in the past three years and USHUD knows that cities are like businesses and need to create an image for themselves or others will. Now that LeBron is back in Cleveland and playing for the Cavaliers in the upcoming season the name “Cleveland” is once again on the lips of thousands of sports and cultural journalists and millions of sports enthusiasts. Not with the sad and pathetic tones that have followed the city since his departure but with hope and aspirations.

Johnny Manziel moves to Cleveland, LeBron moves back to Cleveland the same year and the people of Cleveland have never been happier and the City will receive positive attention which leads to potential economic growth which no town could use more than The Forest City”

This creates tourism and not just during the basketball or football season but throughout the year. Maybe one day the induction into the Rock and Roll hall of fame will be held in Cleveland instead of New York City which is thousands of miles away from the actual museum in Cleveland.

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