USHUD “I Was Just Looking”

This is a common response from home buyers that have been online and filled out a form to be contacted but this is not a dead-end it is just a road block. Road blocks can be gotten around fairly easily while dead ends are of course…dead. USHUD hears real estate agents mixing these two up often and we wanted to shine some light on what makes the difference between a dead lead and a lead that has put up a hurdle and needs some messaging.

lookingTo quantify USHUD believes “Dead leads” are people who have called 5 times without responding. This is the age of online lead generation and if we try to apply the same old rules to new situations we are surely going to make ourselves frustrated. If we have called them 5 times, spread out over the course of a couple of weeks and we received nothing in return we should in fact consider it dead. But if on the other hand we get them to respond to a call or an email (which must be personalized) and while engaging with them, they say something like “I am just looking” we need to probe that person as we need to understand that we are still just a voice on the phone at that point and we should have expected this response, not been discouraged by it. If we expected them to say “Wow, I am so glad you called as I have found the house of my dreams and have a bucket of cash under my bed” we will find ourselves considering every lead to be a dead lead.

At USHUD we believe that to win them over we need to provide some value by letting the buyer or seller understand what we can do for them and why we are better than anyone else. In our years of experience we believe that the best way of doing this is to accept the response that they are just looking and maneuver the conversation to what they are in fact looking for as quickly as possible. If we try a response such as “That is the best way to start, tell me what are you looking for?” This opens up the conversation a great deal more than just saying “Okay, but call me if you find something you are interested in” as this has just become a dead lead that we killed ourselves by being too passive and not getting them to open up to us just a little. The way to get them to open up is pretty easy. We just need to ask easy to answer questions about their wants and needs and listen to their answers and repeat the process. People want to talk about themselves so we should let them. In fact promote them doing so. This will set us apart from all the others that just said “Okay” and called the next lead expecting them to jump up and commit to one agent or lender without the agent or lender proving that we are worth listening to by asking questions and listening first.

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