People Don’t Know What They Want and That’s Okay

USHUD has been in the real estate industry for two decades and from our experience and research we have come to believe very strongly that most people really don’t know what they want until they know what is available to them. There are people who think they want to rent but don’t realize they can buy. People that want to build without realizing the cost of building. People that want to live in a home that they feel they can afford even though they can and should buy something larger because of their family’s size.

thinkThese are all opportunities to provide education and be educated. Both sides of the relationship need to be willing to listen and provide feedback according to the research that USHUD has done over the past years. Buyers don’t want to confess that they may have an issue with the school district because their spouse may not care about that issue. Others are reluctant to provide any personal information as they feel that they are going to have their information shared with others that they don’t know. There are all types of hurdles as real estate professionals that we need to discover as part of our jobs and it is not easy all the time. Being a real estate professional is a difficult and time-consuming occupation.

Even though some people may think they know they are still malleable for the most part as their education in real estate normally doesn’t extend beyond watching several episodes of Million Dollar Listings. Truth is that they shouldn’t be expected to know much more than that because real estate is not their jobs. The real estate market is a peculiar thing that USHUD has seen change over the years sometimes quickly and sometimes not as fast. Only those that know the local market can truly have a grasp on the market and they need to be in it full-time or it will change without their realizing it. If a buyer allows an agent to educate them and take them through the process they will become far more prepared and feel much better about their decision. Sometimes the decision to say “no” is better than no decision at all.

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