USHUD Offers More than Foreclosures

The idea that only offers a free list of foreclosures is understandable but it is completely wrong. USHUD offers homes in the traditional resale market as well and there are no price limits. Just like foreclosures our conventional resale properties range from beginner homes to multimillion dollar homes. The focus is to provide whatever the home buyers are shopping for in one easy to use, free source.

sillyA couple of real estate offerings that we don’t provide are Commercial properties, Pre-Foreclosures and Short Sales. These are for good reason. Firstly most commercial real estate is of no interest to a local home buyer while Pre-foreclosures and short sales can be a complete mess for the homebuyer. We have had experience in all of these types of real estate and believe that by allowing the homebuyer to see what is on the market and what the asking price is they are better served. Pre-foreclosures as an example have no price as they are not on the market and may never be. This is a trap for most homebuyers that don’t realize this very important point. If the house is not for sale, it most likely will not sell any time soon. Allowing people to go on a wild goose chase is not good for anyone. Worse is to allow someone to fall in love with a home that is not available for purchase.

We owe it to ourselves and to our clients to provide them with the most accurate information on homes that are on the market and that are in their price range. Wild goose chases may have been fun in grammar school but when looking for a home for our families they are not just no fun they are a waste of our most valuable resource; our time.

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