USHUD and Why People Don’t Buy

The reason most people don’t buy is that they have not been provided the correct amount of motivation in order to have them feel that buying is better than not buying. The same can be said with listings. If a potential seller is thinking of selling their home they must have more motivation to sell than to stay. When this motivation is not supplied in the correct amount we find ourselves with potential sales that are never realized. This can be very frustrating and leads to too much work without a return on our investment of time for the home buyer or seller as well as the professionals involved.

motivateWhat we need to do to create motivation for ourselves and for others is to find the pain point and then identify a solution. This same tactic can be used for getting ourselves to diet or exercise as we all need to be motivated to do things that are sometimes out of our comfort zone. The number of people who own exercise equipment far outweighs the number of people who are in really good shape and that is not news but it does underscore the point that we all need to be motivated beyond the fact that the opportunity is right in front of us. We need to feel compelled to do something. If that something is buying a home than we need to feel that the benefits of buying are more important than the downside of not buying. We need to see that there are more positives than negatives. That is where real estate agents are great motivators and when they apply a little pressure we need to realize that without being motivated most people would still have their elliptical trainer in the middle of their bedroom with clothes draped all over it.

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