USHUD Values

The values of helping people find the homes that they want and the real estate professionals that they need have been our driving force since we launched in 1999. We have always pursued the interest of the clients first and foremost and that is why we have provided one real estate agent and one loan officer per geographic area instead of swamping the home buyers with multiple real estate professionals. We felt that home buyers have enough decisions to make without having to choose between multiple professionals to assist them in their desire to buy a home.

valueThis is also why we have broken each area of the country down by the way people shop for real estate rather than by Zip Code. Few people are determined to live in one particular Zip Code. Breaking things down to the Zip Code level is more profitable for the advertising platform but it is not better for the home buyer or the real estate professional. And that is our mandate and always has been. It is restricting to the agents and lenders that work in multiple Zip Codes and most do because it is also how people shop for a new home. By providing the groupings of Zip Codes we provide more exposure to the real estate professional and allow shopping for real estate to be an easier process than Zip Code searches provide.

When someone is selling real estate they need help not another bill to pay for advertising. They need to find a source that provides leads that are dependable and are motivated to buy. There is no stronger, more captivating word in real estate than “Foreclosures” as everyone wants to save money especially when they are shopping for something that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. A small percentage of savings on a four hundred thousand dollar home can equate to six months of income for many people.

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