Ushud on becoming a foreclosures specialist

It has been understood by the most successful real estate agents that a niche is worth everything while trying to be everything to everyone is a task that few can accomplish. Being a foreclosure specialist is not as hard as we may think and it does not limit the real estate agent to only foreclosures.

Identifying one’s self as a foreclosures specialist tells those that we are communicating with that we are adapt at getting the best bang for the buck. The buyer of a high end home doesn’t look down at foreclosure specialists. USHUD knows that the buyers will flock to us in droves as they believe and rightly so that we are focused on our negotiating skills and our ability to save them as much money as possible. Saving money is appeals universally.  Upper end buyers and every other buyer is concerned more than ever that they are going to pay too much for a home if they are not careful.

As real estate prices have fluctuated more in the past 5 years than any other time in our memory the sensitivity to price is of great concern and will be for some time. Gone are the days that buyers would pay whatever the asking price is. People are now more aware that if they buy a home tomorrow the price could fluctuate in the wrong direction and they will have to weather the ups and downs in most markets.

USHUD has seen markets dip and escalate depending on the geographic area by as much as 50% downward and 25% upward. We realize that this makes everyone’s jobs a little more complicated but it can also make the job easier if we are focused on the one thing that appeals to all people. That is saving money. Selling foreclosures is not as difficult as selling a traditional property regardless of what those in the business would have us believe. Foreclosures are not owned by an individual and the math only has to work out in order to have the deal work. There are no emotional attachments and very often the bank or lending institution will tell us right away what they need as far as a bottom line to make the deal work for them.

In the worst case scenario the buyer knows that you are looking after their best interest and they become a loyal and motivated buyer that can then be introduced to other homes on the market while they remain loyal to the agent that was watching out for them and not willing to allow them to make a bad financial decision.

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