USHUD and Getting More Listings – Part III

USHUD and Getting More Listings – Part III

headacheThe easiest listings to get are from people who have to move. People that have to move fall into several different categories.

  1. Relocating
  2. Found a house they want
  3. Financial hardship
  4. Vacant home

Financial Hardship

As real estate agents we have all seen some financial hardship at one time or another especially in the last several years. This means that we should be able to relate to others that are seeing their time in the binds of financial difficulties. These sellers are motivated to save their credit and to move on to the next phase of their lives with as little pain as possible. Like any other type of listing lead, we have to make a plan and present the plan in the best way we can that gives the seller a degree of comfort and meets their needs. This is by far the easiest listing to acquire yet they are the most difficult listing to satisfy as the seller is normally in a bind that may have them reacting or over reacting to our input. These people need our help and we need to provide them the assistance that they need without creating any additional difficulties in their lives.

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