USHUD and Getting More Listings – Part IV

USHUD and Getting More Listings – Part IV

throwthebabyThe easiest listings to get are from people who have to move. People that have to move fall into several different categories.

  1. Relocating
  2. Found a house they want
  3. Financial hardship
  4. Vacant homes

Vacant Homes are Draining

With vacant homes the owner is responsible for the mortgage and the upkeep while the home is not occupied. Nothing deteriorates faster than a vacant home. A pin hole in the ceiling becomes a massive bladder of water and mildew within days. Homes that are left unchecked are very likely to become huge problems in a very short time.Ā  This is compounded by the fact that the home probably has debt attached to it and that debt is not being counter balanced with a tenant that can make up that difference.

This listing is going to need a special plan that includes weekly or bi weekly inspections by the listing agent or a dependable assistant to insure the home is in reasonable shape and that no unforeseen issues have been created without the knowledge of the owner. This assurance gives the owner of the home a great deal more security and will help us lock in the listing by merely providing this peace of mind in advance. Most home owners have never been inside of a vacant home and do not realize the problems that are to likely occur. By communicating this we are putting our knowledge on the table and letting the seller know that we understand what we are doing and what we are facing.

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