USHUD and Getting More Listings – Part I

USHUD and Getting More Listings – Part I

reduced priceThe easiest listings to get are from people who have to move. People that have to move fall into several different categories.

  1. Relocating
  2. Found a house they want
  3. Financial hardship
  4. Vacant homes


People who are relocating are in a situation that many times requires that they sell their current home. Paying for two mortgages can strain or drain the savings of the homeowner. This is why selling quickly is important to them. They of course want to get the highest price that they can but they will forsake a little return for the peace of mind knowing that they are not going to struggle with the stress of paying two mortgages at the same time.

By providing a plan that gets them out of the pain or the future pain of paying two mortgages we are far better able to meet their needs and secure the listing. Then we just need to work the listing with the plan that we provided them in the first place. Working on a plan and working the plan is all that we have to do and the outcome should be fairly easy to make everyone happy. Simply by finding their pain point and understanding their concerns will allow us to create the plan that will get their home sold as quickly as possible. Plans can include a timeline for reducing the listing price in stages as well as open houses but by creating that plan and knowing when the price point is too low in advance can save heart ache and frustration later.