Turning a Lead into Two Transactions

1to3to9When most real estate agents see that the lead they just received already owns a home they quickly categorize the lead as a long-term issue and don’t work the lead as well as we may think. As agents we are sometimes looking for short-term answers to long-term problems. The long-term problem gets overlooked as we sometimes find ourselves looking for a quick hit and forgetting about the double or triple hit that we can cull out of a single lead.

When most agents find out the buyer has a home they need to sell they feel that the buyer is not ready and they don’t provide the motivation that the buyer needs in order to make a determination as to when to take their next step. When we know what the buyer wants and can provide that to them they are far more capable to make the decision to put their home on the market. They just need to know that they will have options after they get a contract on the current home. Once the options are seen in black and white or in person they are going to feel a lot more comfortable and we just turned a long-term issue into two short-term solutions.

This is easier than we may think because so few people take the time and energy to do it. They instead chalk it up to another buyer that is not ready and they put them into an email drip campaign and move on to the next lead and hope for a ready willing and able buyer that wants to buy right now. That is not the norm but it has happened in the past so we like when it happens but we cannot expect it or we are always chasing the short-term and losing focus of our long-term goals.

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