Three “Be’s” for Connecting with More Clients

Whether it’s plastering photos of yourself on billboards, helping out at local charity events or even sponsoring a little league team, each agent has their own secret for connecting with clients. The key to creating a connection with new clients is to find your niche and build yourself up. Whether you choose to build your personal brand in person, online or through direct mailing, your goal should be to show potential clients that you’re likable. Here are three ways to build yourself and your brand to help you connect with more clients.

Be Helpful

Be their source for everything real estate. Whether through blogging, social media or even direct mail, one of the best ways to connect with clients is by providing them with information that’s actually useful to them. Providing checklists to help first-time homebuyers understand the mortgage process or figure out what they’re looking for in their next home can position you as more than just the real estate agent.

Another option is to turn to blogging and social media. Many real estate agents use their blogs as a platform to provide information for prospective clients or even just those looking for general real estate tips. By connecting online before you even meet, you will develop a bond with potential clients and establish yourself as a trustworthy source.

Be Social

When it comes to real estate, it’s important to position yourself in front of consumers in your local area. According to Google, half of home hunters begin their formal search 6-12 months in advance. Because of this, real estate pros should position themselves in front of these prospective buyers. While some agents purchase billboards or benches, social media offers a targeted way to attract customers who are searching for their next home in your area.

With numerous platforms and a vast population of users, it can be difficult to get your message across. If you’re on Facebook, one way is to ensure your content is seen is by investing in paid advertising. Options such as Facebook Ads give you the ability to set a budget and spread your promotion over a certain period of time while connecting with a targeted audience. Using the location feature in Instagram or Twitter also gives you the ability to position yourself in a particular location, providing you the opportunity to connect with clients living or searching in that area.

Be Local

Establish yourself as the go-to local expert. Use social media to share local events and content with your followers in the area. If you sponsor a local little league team and they have a game, tweet about it. Even if followers aren’t in your area, they’ll begin to associate you with the local charm of your community. In the same spirit, recommend businesses in your area. By teaming up with a local professional decorator or electrician, you could cross promote your brands, having businesses send clients to you when they need a real estate agent.

While most agents have traditional open houses, consider hosting a “mega open house” for your neighborhood. When you first obtain a new listing, rather than immediately posting it in the MLS, wait a few extra days. During that extra time, invite neighbors of the community to stop by and preview the house. In doing so, you’ll be able to connect with other members in the community. When a home sells in a neighborhood, generally one or two more local residents will decide to list as well. If these residents attended your mega open house, you’ll already have your foot in the door since they’ll be well aware of your real estate skills. Think of mega open houses as a way for you to bring in more potential sellers.

Implementing the three “Be’s” can help you help you maximize your connections. What’s your best or most unique way of connecting with clients? Let us know in the comments!