What To Expect When You’re Expecting A Listing

Congrats! You’ve spent days, weeks or maybe even months trying and now it’s confirmed — you’re expecting (a listing). There are hundreds of books, blogs and coaches who have given their best advice about what to do when you land a listing lead, but you’re a busy expectant REALTOR® so we’ve gathered the best advice below. Here’s our foolproof guide for how to acknowledge, prep and nurture your listing lead all the way to the closing table.

Euphoria, then anxiety

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! Take a minute to celebrate your good fortune. Dance around, fist pump and send all your most positive vibes out into the universe.

Almost immediately, though, you’ll get a nagging feeling in your stomach. What do you do now? Can you handle this? Should you have prepared more for this moment?

Acknowledge and schedule a first appointment

It’s important not to lose your confidence. Your lead is counting on you, so be sure to follow up within five minutes. Depending on how far along you are, schedule an in-person home value analysis or even a listing appointment.

Nurture, your way

When you talk to other agents and brokers, they’ll have a lot of advice on how to follow up. Some swear by an 8×8 automated email plan, while others call once a day until they’re explicitly asked to stop. Others pretend to “swing by” their front door with a massive care package.

Here’s what none of the experts are telling you: This prospect is your,um, baby and it’s your responsibility to nurture it in the ways that feels best to you. Don’t be afraid to nix the “tried and true” methods that feel unnatural to you.

Surprise! It’s twins!

You didn’t even know it was a possibility, but in your listing appointment, your client asked you to represent them on the buyer side, too! This will be more work for you, but the rewards (ahem, commission) will be so worth it.

Start nesting

It’s important to prepare the home for the big change that is approaching. Make sure the homeowner cleans the home from top to bottom, and de-clutters to remove anything that will turn off potential sellers.

Have a plan for going public

It’s time to share the good news! Some people prefer to announce to everyone at once via social media, while others may leak to important contacts in advance. One thing is certain: in today’s low inventory market, there will be a lot of questions and interest, so be prepared for a big reaction.

Indulge in your cravings

It’s not pickles you want — it’s more listings. Don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal. Be sure to take care of yourself, though, because it can be easy to run yourself ragged as you try to be everything to everyone.

One last warning: Avoid alcohol and soft cheese (but eat all the cookies you want)

We probably don’t have to say this, but it’s important to avoid drinking when you are hosting open houses or showings. Soft cheeses are also not a great call, as they can get messy and expensive.

A tried-and-true trick is to bake some cookies before any potential buyers come to the home. The smell of freshly baked goods will put everyone at ease and you deserve a treat (or ten) if buyers are slow to show up.

Have a birth plan

Once a buyer is confirmed, be sure to make all the steps necessary to get to the closing table with ease. Use a closing table checklist to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.