Learn To Text Message Effectively

Often times, real estate agents and brokers have a hard time seeing how text message communication can be used effectively to market themselves and their real estate businesses. If you have a plan of action and know what’s appropriate, using text messaging for real estate marketing can be an incredibly effective means of lead generation. Below you will find some examples of both effective and ineffective text marketing.

Example of Effective Mobile Marketing Messaging:

Text Example: “Hello Bob, Its Patty Smith – the agent from XYZ Realty. I wanted to let you know that the listing at 465 Main St. just dropped their asking price by $30K. Call me anytime for more information. Thanks.”

Why this type of message is effective:

  1. It’s personalized.
  2. The call-to-action is clear, concise and straight to the point.
  3. The agent identified herself and her brand.
  4. The message includes value.

Example of Ineffective Mobile Marketing Messaging:

Text Example: “Hi Friends! There are a ton of nice homes on the market today and I want to find you the perfect home. Let me know if you want to talk about it.”

Why this type of message is not effective:

  1. It is obvious to the recipients that it’s a broad, blanket message sent to multiple people who may or may not know one another.
  2. It’s irrelevant to the end user and provides little to no actual content or value.
  3. Provides no call to action.
  4. No initial introduction of who is trying to reach out (the end users may not have your contact information in their phone).
  5. People hate group texts which result in “reply all” messages from others they may not know.