Month: March 2016

Close More…Make More…Work Less I

It is actually easier to make more money in real estate than to make less. People read stuff like this and they automatically feel skeptical and think that there is some voodoo or bunk or something that is not correct.

Increase Closings by 900% II

If you have read the post entitled “Increase closings by 900% than you already know that Harvard business review did a 5 year study on online leads and the value of the follow up. In that study Harvard’s research indicated

Increase Closings by 900%

We like to research what others have already researched for us and if they are from Harvard Business Review that is even better. It turns out that Harvard did a 5 year study to determine the value of online business

27% of All Real Estate Leads Are Never Called

According the Harvard Business review a whopping 27% of all real estate leads are never followed up with. This is a staggering figure as real estate agents and loan officers are constantly searching for new and improved methods of generating

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7 Ways to Keep Clients for Life

You’ve spent months and months helping your client look for their dream home. Finally, the papers are signed and the keys in their hand. Your job is complete—so what happens next? It’s easy to become consumed by the next buyer

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