Close More…Make More…Work Less I

smartIt is actually easier to make more money in real estate than to make less. People read stuff like this and they automatically feel skeptical and think that there is some voodoo or bunk or something that is not correct. This is because we are used to thinking that the more work, the more money so we work our tails off trying to make money when the answer really lies in the way we are approaching our work day.

To make more money all we need to do is develop habits that support our desire to get more done. Dale Carnegie talks about taking notes each day and each evening so that we have a plan for the day. He goes on to say that if we do this correctly and knock out our list each day we can get a days work done before lunch. We agree and take it a step further and feel that by making a map for the week and the month we are able to navigate the waters of our work day at a more powerful and effective way.

We should all be using a CRM (client resource manager) but we could be also using some very basic methods of doing the right thing at the right time. This is best done for those that do not live behind a computer by incorporating a dry erase board on our wall. We have seen real estate agents increase their business with less effort by knowing what to focus on. There is no way not to focus on a 6 X 4 Dry Erase board on the wall next to our desk.

When we know that we want to have 20 buyers (as an example) at every moment to work with and our board tells us that we only have 12 we can see at a glance that our focus needs to be on filling that board with 8 more ready and willing buyers. When the board is full and we have 3 buyers scheduled to close escrow in the next 30 days we know at a glance that we need to motivate some of these buyers and get their loans approved. All this is done without pushing a button and without the need to open a browser. If the dry erase board is not updated that too is staring us in the face and we cannot avoid it. And no we don’t sell dry erase boards but we do believe that they can be a tremendous help.