Close More…Make More…Work Less II

Close More…Make More…Work Less II

calmIf you haven’t read the blog that preceded this one, turn off your recorder and go back and read “Close More, Make More…Work Less I”

Now that is done we can focus on the second phase of having a system. Systems allow us to measure our effectiveness and determine what was most effective and expand on it as well as what was least effective and avoid it.

It is easier to make 6 figures than it is to make 5 figures. That is correct and I personally stand by this statement as someone who learned it and then taught it and saw people zoom up the pay scale and then plummet right back down after they stopped using a system.

As an example anecdotal story…

Out of over 20 real estate agents that worked for a broker that preached system, system, system not one of the real estate agents had ever made more than $30,000 a year until they met this broker (not me, I swear!) once they started working with me…err him. They were introduced to a system of creating leads, following up on leads, closing leads and continuing the cycle. None of them knew the cost of generating the business that they did generate and none of them knew what their average sales price was or their closing percentage. These data points are huge and they are overlooked by most professionals regardless of what they sell.

After breaking all this down, these 20 agents all started to appreciate the cost of generating business and that the money that was spent came directly out of their pocket. This made them keenly aware of the cost of the leads and they were then able to do the opportunity cost of not following up on the leads in a timely and professional fashion. Once this was done they were on their way to making more out of every single lead.