Month: July 2016

Sales Are Still Sales Part I

We speak to people all the time. Real estate agents, loan officers, title companies and other players in the real estate game and the one thing they all have in common is that they have to sell their products and

More Housing Markets Are Less Affordable

Eighteen percent of U.S. county housing markets were less affordable than their historically normal levels in Q2 2016, up from 5 percent of markets in the previous quarter but down from 20 percent of markets exceeding historically normal home affordability

Existing Home Sale Pace At Nine Year High

Existing-home sales sprang ahead in May to their highest pace in almost a decade, while the uptick in demand this spring amidst lagging supply levels pushed the median sales price to an all-time high, according to the National Association of

The American Dream Is Alive, But What About The Starter Home?

Achieving the American Dream conventionally involved acquiring a starter home—purchasing a house for life led now, with the intention to trade up to a home that meets needs in the future. The Dream’s alive and well. Starter homes? Hardly. A