Sales Are Still Sales Part I

salesarestillsalesWe speak to people all the time. Real estate agents, loan officers, title companies and other players in the real estate game and the one thing they all have in common is that they have to sell their products and services by communicating with people that know little about what they do. This can pose some challenges and I would like to propose a way to reduce confusion and increase the number of people that we convert from interested party to paying client.

It is real simple and all that I propose is that we stop talking about what we do and how we do it and talk about the client and what they do and how they do it. What they want to accomplish and what would make them overjoyed. The truth as far as I can tell is that people will always have the desire to be heard and to feel that others care about them. This is a common thread that runs through all of human kind and we as sales people don’t take it seriously enough as we try to limit our time with people who we worry will waste our precious resource.

I have spoken to people this week that, even though they are real estate agents, say that they don’t like to sell. This is not unusual as many people, even professional sales people, perform parts of their job with a degree of reluctance. It makes me wonder, what are they reluctant to do? Are they reluctant to be perceived as a used car sales person that stands in the front of the lot wearing a plaid jacket and smoking a cigarette while pushing back their hair with a greasy comb. If that is a concern…don’t buy the plaid jacket. We don’t have to become the person we don’t want to be to perform our jobs, but we do have to master some of the basics of good salesmanship in order to perform our jobs well.