Remember It’s Only Bragging If You Can’t Back It Up

Remember It’s Only Bragging If You Can’t Back It Up

braggingWhat can we learn from Muhammed Ali?

The man is gone now and we will always be lesser for his leaving us. I don’t want to wax poetic or go all melancholy but he was my childhood hero and I was not alone. He was everything that we wanted in his time. He was brash and funny, witty and as good looking as Elvis.

Muhammed Ali was famous for thousands of reasons, one reason was his quote: “It ain’t bragging if you back it up”

If that isn’t the most inspirational human being that has walked our world in the past 100 years I don’t know who is.

(Let’s leave politics out of this please?)

He was born in the South and was by all reports as poor as people can get. He also went by his Christian name Cassius Clay until after he was famous. Cassius Clay…by itself is a pretty cool name but he found Ala and changed it to Muhammed Ali. That is another illustrations of confidence. Being willing to change your entire identify while you are on top of the world and at the height of your craft.

I don’t even want to change my telephone number for fear that people will forget me. But not Muhammed…that guy was willing to brag and brave enough to spout off at the mouth because he knew he was going to back it up with his actions in the ring. So why don’t more of us in real estate game say to our potential clients: “My follow up is great, my skills are big and strong, buy a house from me and you can never go wrong!”

I think it is because quietly in the back of our minds we are more comfortable selling the house than we are selling ourselves. Selling ourselves if you think about it is giving us the ability to sell whatever we would like. Taking our ability to sell ourselves and backing it up helps everyone from the client to their family and friends, our families and our friends as well as our own self esteem.