USHUD Reviews Real Estate Pros Avoiding the Phone?

USHUD Reviews Real Estate Pros Avoiding the Phone?

The same review of the same real estate pros suffering through “broke” days more often than enjoying “living large” days have in common the regularity in which a real estate professional either follows up or avoids calling a lead while opting instead for email or text. Email or texting are great ideas if we don’t mind being lost in the noise and distraction of the virtual world we live in. This avoidance to use the phone only prolongs their current financial situation. Free of the hassles of filing large numbers on their tax returns and relegated to the hell of junk email boxes, they still refuse to call leads. This is the most and unfortunate of circumstances as neither party receives what they need. It is completely dumbfounding to hear the “Oh, I emailed them and their not interested” It is very likely that the person that just deleted our email would have loved to speak on the phone but did not recognize the email senders address. They are taught to delete and not open email they don’t recognize and to tighten the filters of their email

Most people start their day clearing their email box and dumping emails that they don’t recognize. Email is not calling on the phone and the two should never be confused.

How in the world do we know if someone is interested unless we speak to them and ask questions and provide answers? Who in their right mind would think that emailing a client as an initial contact method is a relationship builder to be relied upon?

It is so upsetting to hear someone who is not making enough money not be able to understand that their wounds are self-inflicted and can be corrected in a hot second.

We need to call people on the phone. We need to get them interested in our offering. We need to inspire them to take action. We need to give them the support and guidance to take action by instilling a sense of duty and loyalty to them before we ask it of them.

If we were order takers we would be wearing a name tag and a blue smock saying “Welcome to Walmart” But we are not. We are sales professionals that know our products and services upside down and sideways. We help people accomplish the American dream of home ownership. We are doers and shakers and we give people the ability to make educated decisions based on our patience and assistance.


Real estate pros are more than order takers.

Real estate pros are professional sales people.

Real estate pros know their business 1000 times better than their clients.

It is the Real estate professional’s job to educate the consumer to make their decision process easier.

Real estate clients need help.

A Real estate pros services are highly valuable.

Real estate pros need to call the referrals and expect push back and be prepared to overcome avoidance answers.

Real estate pros should call the USHUD cooperative if we have any problems and ask an impartial member of our professional team for help when needed. The cooperative has been online for almost 20 years now and the executive staff is staffed with people that have either been in the real estate or mortgage industry. No one has to be a member of the cooperative to receive assistance.  If you need help…call 800-880-8584 and get the help you need.

Remember:  Call every lead and keep calling and keep selling. There is a method to this madness, I promise.