USHUD Reviews Real Estate Professionals and the Rational of Not Calling Referrals

During the USHUD review of the reasons some Real Estate pros struggle it was clear that the list is replete with reasons that after stepping back fell into one very larger category. It was also clear through the review that Real Estate pros studied that most Real Estate pros don’t call their leads. Here are just a few reasons to see inside what is in the minds of Real Estate professionals that don’t call their referrals:
1. We don’t call people in this area. This is a high end market. We text or email because it is less intrusive.
2. I put them in a drip email campaign and if they are serious they call me when their ready.
3. I have my nephew reach out to them on Facebook.
4. I don’t have time to call referrals.
5. I am not that good at sales and I don’t think I really want to be. I like buyers that know what they want already.
So those are just a few reasons provided for not calling referrals which coincide with the research from the NAR and Harvard Business Review. I wish we could reach out to each and every one of the professionals that have been brain washed into believing any of the above. Believe me, I think I could help some of the people that struggle but the Member Services Director tells me that I would just upset some people as it would appear that I was telling them how to do their jobs.
And here is the ironic part…I listen and don’t call….apparently the person was correct that said telling is easier than doing. Yet, I will try to reach out to the next person that thinks that not calling is better than calling and report the findings.

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