Month: July 2018

Why You Should Sell Your Home This Year

If you have been considering selling your home, it might be worth listing it before the year is up. Multiple reports and surveys have come up showing significant buyer and seller optimism for this year, with 31% of people in

Trending – Defining Spaces in an Open Floor Plan

For the last five years or so, it seems like every interior designer and home buyer has been obsessed with the concept of an open floor plan. While this trend doesn’t seem to be going out of style, there are

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Real Estate Term of the Day – Party Wall

It sounds like a made-up term, or a term for something that exists in a frat house only to be destroyed. But, a party wall is a real thing in the real estate industry, and are actually priority when pointing

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Trending – Surban Living

What looks like a typo is actually one of the industry’s biggest upcoming trends. A “surban” area is defined as a suburban area that has the feel of an urban one. This means that buyers get the best of both

Should You Consider a Historic Home?

If you are house hunting in a neighborhood that has historic homes, they can be easy to fall in love with. They have charm and personality that more modern homes do not, and they have a built-in backstory. But, is

Real Estate Term of the Day – Floor Loan

A Floor Loan is a type of loan that is designed specifically for real estate, and it refers to the minimum loan that a lenders agrees to advance in order for the builder to be able to commence construction and

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Trending – Southern Cities Becoming Market Hotbeds

While the “Big 6” American Cities (Boston, New York City, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago) will remain hot markets, consumers and businesses who are looking for a lower cost of living and operating are starting to flock

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What is a Loft?

“Loft” is a term that comes up in apartment searches, especially in big cities where rentals are tight like New York City, Boston, Chicago, or San Francisco. But how is a loft different than a studio or an apartment? Often,

Exploring Government-Backed Loans

If you are ready to buy a house and are looking at loan options, it is a great idea to see if you qualify for a government-backed loan. There are a couple of different options for government-backed loans, some with

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Real Estate Term of the Day – Littoral Land

Littoral Land refers to land that is located next to a pooled body of water, like a lake or a sea. It is not to be confused with riparian land, which is land located next to flowing waterways like rivers.

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