What is a Loft?

“Loft” is a term that comes up in apartment searches, especially in big cities where rentals are tight like New York City, Boston, Chicago, or San Francisco. But how is a loft different than a studio or an apartment?

Often, a loft is just defined as a living space that doesn’t have defined spaces (i.e. no defined bedroom or living room.) Often, there is not a huge difference between a loft and a studio, and sometimes realtors will list a space as a loft to give a small studio without defined spaces an artsy, positive spin. Often, lofts can be a steal for someone who doesn’t mind a lack of defined living spaces, as they can be much cheaper than traditional apartments. If you are looking for a way to get into a desirable part of the city on a budget, a loft is a good choice. They also tend to be made out of otherwise empty space in apartment buildings or housing buildings, so they are often unique and will allow you to explore your artistic decorating abilities if that is what you are into.

In conclusion, a loft would be a great choice for you if you are a single dweller on a budget, or if you love open undefined space that is functionally flexible. They can be a great space to make your own, if one of your priorities is a totally unique space that won’t look like anyone else’s space.