The Perfect Garden for Your Space

Outdoor spaces and greenery are becoming more and more of a selling point for consumers in today’s market, and learning how to make the most of your garden or yard space will raise your home’s trendiness and make your neighbors jealous. We’ve compiled some tips on how to make the most of your garden, and what this year’s gardening tips look like.

  1. Embrace a Small Garden – If you are in a big city or an expensive one, space for a garden is very limited. But, many trends this year are leaning into small spaces and creative ways to use them. Use features that serve multiple purposes like a concrete planter and table combo to get the most out of your space.
  2. Make Craftmanship a Priority – Do you have a knack for crafts and a green thumb? Then you have the ability to make a garden space that is completely unique to you. Look on sites like Pinterest to get ideas on themes or projects to liven up your garden space.
  3. Encourage Nature – Make the most of your garden by utilizing plants and spaces that will bring in wildlife. Not only will it give you a picturesque scene of nature to look out on, it is also good for the environment. And, if you do your planning correctly, many species will do things like pest control and aerating for you, so you are spared the hard work.
  4. Cultivate a Succulent Collection – If you are short on space and resources (like you would be on an apartment balcony), then succulents are a great way to bring some greenery to your space. They require very little care to be happy, and they are fine living in their pots with a little bit of water. You can also liven up your collection by collecting or making specific pots for each one.
  5. Create a Sense of Privacy – You don’t always need a physical fence to enclose a garden. A common new strategy is to use foliage that will function as a barrier between your garden and the outside world, including shrubby trees or tall bushes. You can also install useful barriers like meditation benches to make it feel a little homier.
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