The Perfect Open House

The Perfect Open House

Often, hosting an open house is the first step in gathering interest from buyers in your area. It acts as a first impression, so it is important to put your home’s best foot forward. Making sure to do the prep necessary beforehand, and keeping the interest of potential buyers once they are there, could mean someone leaves your open house with high hopes of being a new homeowner.

Before People Arrive

Stage home for sale – Make sure to remove any personal photographs, make any small repairs that could be noticed by guests, and make sure to set up signage clearly throughout the neighborhood and in front of the house so people know where to go.

Advertise your open house – Promote your open house at least 2 weeks in advance through outlets like community bulletin boards and rec center or local church announcements. If you are using a realtor or your property is listed online, you can have it advertised there as well.

Stow valuables and personal items – Make sure any valuables you do not want visible to the public are stowed somewhere safe and out of sight, and any pets you have are put away or with a friend or family on the day of the open house.

During the Open House

Have info packets – Make sure to make information packets about the house that people can take as they walk around. Some good info to include in this is the year the house was built, square footage, zoning information, floorplan, and warranty information.

Prepare for popular questions – You may get asked the same questions multiple times, so it is good to have an answer prepared. Some of the most frequently asked questions are “Why are you interested in selling?” and “How did you come to this asking price?”

Have a place for guests to put down information – Having a notebook or folder handy so that interested buyers can put down their information is a good way to ensure a follow-up after your open house. You can even print out a label that outlines the information you would like them to include.


When it comes down to it, an open house is just an opportunity for your house to make a great first impression on local buyers or real estate agents. Thinking ahead and making sure your house comes across as clean and pleasant, and that the experience is smooth for any guests, could be the difference for getting qualified buyers interested.

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