Trending – Defining Spaces in an Open Floor Plan

Trending – Defining Spaces in an Open Floor Plan

For the last five years or so, it seems like every interior designer and home buyer has been obsessed with the concept of an open floor plan. While this trend doesn’t seem to be going out of style, there are some buyers popping up who want to keep the effect of the open floor plan while defining the boundaries of certain rooms.

This ideation is especially popular in kitchens, with buyers requesting designed like extended cabinetry or palettes to distinguish kitchen spaces from open living spaces. Creating a half wall that can double as a bar or storage with drawers, or even a wall with opaque glass can still maintain the open feel while separating the functions of a kitchen and a living space.

This concept can also work with properties like studio apartments, where there may only be one room that has to be bedroom and living room combined. Low walls with storage built in will increase the value of the space for renting, especially because to renters it suddenly looks like two different spaces. It also allows you flexibility with changing up the space while avoiding construction to actually put up walls that might need to be moved in a year or two.

To see examples of how to apply this trend to your space, you can check out this article from Houzz.

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