Month: August 2018

Summer 2018 Housing Breakdown

This has been a telling summer for the housing market. With interest rates on the rise and new development projects progressing slowly, many people who could sell their homes for a good price are choosing to stay put because they

How Do People Find Their Real Estate Agent?

This is a question that plagues both real estate professionals and people looking to buy or sell their home. If I’m a realtor, how do I get people to sign with me? If I’m looking to buy or sell my

Real Estate Term of the Day – Yupcap

A Yupcap is a person who is new to the workforce, usually in their early 20’s. It is technically an acronym, standing for “Young Urban Professional who Cannot Afford Property. They are a part of the Millennial generation, and cannot

Will We Soon be Living in Real Life Legoland?

The demand for houses in cities is far outweighing the supply, and construction can’t keep up with the influx of people that come into the cities to take advantage of all the job opportunities. Enter Blokable, the Washington-based company trying

Generation X Is Recovering from the Housing Market Crash

Oddly enough, the generation that had the most to lose during the 2007 housing market crash is the only generation that has made a full recovery. Generation X homeowners (born between 1965 and 1980) experienced the largest decline in home

Real Estate Term of the Day – Sandwich Lease

A sandwich lease is a lease agreement in which a person rents a property from an agent who is leasing the property from the actual owner. This strategy is seen as a way for low-capital investors to gain access to

5 Most Useful Websites for Homeowners

A lot of surprises come up when you own a home, and having resources to turn to when you need to solve a problem or are simply curious can save the day. Here is our list of the top 5

You Can No Longer Buy a Home in New Zealand as a Foreigner

New Zealand’s parliament passed a law on Wednesday that will make it extremely hard for foreigners to buy residential property in the country. The “Overseas Investment Amendment Bill” will prevent foreigners from buying existing residential properties in the country, but

3 Rules for Making an Offer on a House

When you are ready to make an offer on a home, you want to do everything possible to make the seller want to accept your offer, especially if there is competition for the home. There are many things you can

Real Estate Term of the Day – Zombie Title

A zombie title is defined as a real estate title that remains with a homeowner who thinks that they have lost the property to foreclosure. These are the result of lenders initiating foreclosure proceedings by issuing a notice of foreclosure,