5 Most Useful Websites for Homeowners

A lot of surprises come up when you own a home, and having resources to turn to when you need to solve a problem or are simply curious can save the day. Here is our list of the top 5 most useful websites for homeowners:

  1. Homefair – Home Fair will provide city reports, school reports, average salary calculators, and cost of living reports for new homeowners. They do it based on zip code, so you receive a tailored report of whatever information you want from their filters based on your area.
  2. How to Clean Anything – This website does pretty much exactly what it promises to do, which is tell you how to clean anything. This site gives specific tips on all kinds of cleaning tasks, whether it be getting calcium buildup off of your showerhead, cleaning out your gutters, or wiping down cleaning fans, you can find steps on how to do it efficiently on howtocleananything.com
  3. Etsy – If you are looking to decorate your home in a way that you know is unique, Etsy is the way to go. You can find shops that specialize in homemade goods, or ones that sell vintage antiques, and there are thousands of stores to choose from. Many of them even allow for personalized gifts, where you can add monograms or names to certain items.
  4. FreeCycle – This site was created out of a nonprofit movement of people giving away stuff for free in their hometowns. You can search on the site for the closest places you can donate items you don’t need or furniture you are replacing, or you can go on and look for things that other people are trying to get rid of if you need it.
  5. AC Doctor’s Energy Calculator – Do you wonder exactly how much energy you are using? This online calculator helps you figure out how much energy your appliances are using, and how high-efficiency replacements could improve your bill every month.

Do you know of other helpful websites for homeowners? Make sure to comment your suggestions below.