Marketing For Small Real Estate Businesses

Marketing For Small Real Estate Businesses

If you are a part of a small business, it can feel hard to keep up with big name companies who have a budget for extraordinary marketing efforts. It can be daunting, because the methods that they use to pull in all of their leads and push their websites to the top of the rankings whenever someone searches for realtors are extremely expensive, as is the work they put into making their content appear so professional. Luckily, there are simple things you can do to improve your own marketing, even if your budget is tight.

Lean on Social Media

Establishing a strong presence on social media is a great way to engage with potential clients. Social and internet channels are where consumers get most of their information for their home search, so making sure your pages are up to date and feature relevant content will not only make a visitor trust your business, but also could attract new visitors to your site. This form of marketing is not getting any less popular, and it is also completely free to make your own page, so it is very budget friendly.

Email Marketing Can Turn Leads to Clients

If you have a blog or a content channel for your website, the best way to get inexpensive leads is to add a “subscribe” option where potential clients can add their email address to be subscribed to your mailing lists. There are a lot of inexpensive bulk email sites like MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Hootsuite that can help you manage email lists and design emails, and this is a great way to convert leads into customers. Any visitor that input their email address is already more interested than a visitor that just happened to land on an ad, so these are the people you want to be directing your efforts towards.

When in Doubt, Stick to the Traditional 

If you do not want to commit a huge amount of budget or time to learning a new style of marketing, there is nothing wrong with sticking to fliers, mailers, and posters if they have been working for your business. Especially in the real estate business, traditional ways of marketing can garner interest from groups who are not super focused on the internet, such as older people or families who frequent neighborhood events and will see your signs.

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