Month: September 2018

How Much Does Staging Matter?

According to  research done by the National Association of Realtors, it could matter quite a lot. Staging can make it easier for buyers to visualize what the spaces in a home can be used for, and a home that is

3 Winter Real Estate Market Trends to Keep an Eye on

Even though we are barely into fall of 2018 yet, it is already time to start looking forward to the state of the market this winter and what it could bring with it. Usually, colder months mean less activity from

Real Estate Term of the Day – Quitclaim Deed

A quitclaim deed is a deed that releases interest in a property without stating the nature of the person’s interest or rights, and with no included warranties. These deeds don’t guarantee that the person relinquishing claim had valid ownership, but

This Fall’s Biggest Home Pest – Spiders

As the weather starts to get cooler, many critters that usually live outside are going to try to seek refuge inside homes where it is warmer. Some of the biggest perpetrators of this squatting are spiders. Many of them make

The Hottest Zip Codes for Millennials

Where are Millennials currently living? Where do they want to live? This question is extremely important for realtors to consider, because Millennials are making up a huge part of the market right now. According to the U.S. Census Bureau data,

Real Estate Term of the Day – Seller-Paid Points

A seller-paid point is an offer made my a seller that includes an asset or cash offer means to rebate part of the purchase price. These are most commonly offered by the seller of a home to the buyer as

Trending – Vacation Homes are No Longer for Fun

According to research done by home sharing company HomeAway, vacation home owners are prioritizing rental income over personal use for the first time ever. In a survey done over February and March of this year, 4300 property owners were asked

3 Tips for Standing Out as an Agent

Sometimes, as a real estate agent, it can feel like treading water trying to get new clients and get your name out there. It is a business that relies heavily on word-of-mouth, and having a good reputation can take you

What Do Homeowners Want?

As technology and the Internet of Things becomes more popular, gadgets and appliances for your home are becoming more and more popular for home buyers. That, and appliances or home systems that are designed for conserving energy and being green

Trending – Moving Inland

According to the latest report from Redfin, 24% of its users who were searching for a home are looking to move to a new metro area, and particularly are looking to move away from high-tax coastal markets like San Francisco,