This Fall’s Biggest Home Pest – Spiders

As the weather starts to get cooler, many critters that usually live outside are going to try to seek refuge inside homes where it is warmer. Some of the biggest perpetrators of this squatting are spiders. Many of them make their way indoors to keep warm, or some of them have already set up shop inside and are more willing to show themselves as food becomes more scarce.

While unwelcome, many of these spiders are harmless. However, a spider infestation can quickly become life-threatening if the ones in your home are venomous, like the brown recluse or black widow. These can be notoriously hard to exterminate, and can pose a big danger to your and your family. If you spot any signs of these deadly intruders, make sure to call an exterminator and have them inspect the place as quickly as possible. Another good way to lower your risk is to keep your home especially clean during the transition into fall. Vacuum or sweep floors regularly and make sure to get into corners where they like to set up shop, and seal any gaps or cracks in the wall that they can get in through.

If you are moving into a new home in the next few months, it is also a good idea to thoroughly check the home during the inspection for any signs that there may be unwanted guests, because as soon as you move in they will become your problem. If you think there is a problem, an exterminator should be able to recommend some solutions that could help you rid your home of unwanted guests.