Month: September 2018

Real Estate Term of the Day – Earnest Money

“Earnest Money” is a deposit made to a seller from a buyer that is not a large amount of money but is made to indicate the buyer’s good faith in an arrangement. It allows the buyer additional time to seek

Can a Neighbor’s Foreclosure Hurt Your Home’s Value?

The short answer is, yes. Obviously, when a home gets foreclosed upon, the biggest loss is for the owners of the house. But, studies done in the wake of the housing crisis found that areas where there have been foreclosures

10 Things Real Estate Agents Do for Buyers

When you are a looking for a house to buy, it can be tempting to try to do it all on your own. It feels like you know yourself and what you want best, and so you should be able

This is What the Typical Buyer and Seller Looks Like

Every homeowner is different, and every client that you have will be very different. However, there are trends that pop up in the real estate market, and knowing these trends or averages can help you figure out what your clients

Real Estate Term of the Day – Real Property

The term real property refers to land and any property directly attached to it, or any subset of land that has been improved through legal human actions. Real property also outlines the right of user, control, and disposition of the

10 Real Estate Facts That Will Make You Think

The real estate industry fluctuates so often and has been around for so long that some interesting facts and statistics come out over time. Here are 10 facts that will make you think, and will also make you sound smart