Vacation Markets Where You Will Get the Most Return-on-Investment


Vacation homes can be a great investment, and provide you with some very necessary relaxation and family-bonding time. But, another thing they are very good for is bringing in an extra source of income, especially if you are spending most of the year renting it out. The biggest question is, if you are looking to get a vacation home primarily for the ROI you will see from it, where are the best places to look?

According to research, these are the most lucrative second home markets, or the ones where sellers can make the most profit:

  1. Traverse City, MI (annualized ROR 14%)
  2. Claremont, NH (annualized ROR 12%)
  3. Clearlake, CA (annualized ROR 11%)
  4. Brainerd, MN (annualized ROR 11%)
  5. Port St. Lucie, FL (annualized ROR 11%)
  6. Bend, OR (annualized ROR 11%)