Month: November 2018

Real Estate Term of the Day – In Escrow

“In Escrow” is a temporary condition of a piece of property that has been transferred to a third party with the intentions of delivery as part of a binding agreement. Escrowed items are most commonly found in real estate transactions,

When Video Advertising Goes Wrong

Video advertising can be a great way to reach new clients, but sometimes it goes hilariously wrong! Ellen is back to show us her favorite real estate videos.

Where Buyers Who Earn $60K a Year Can Buy a Home

The middle class is having trouble keeping up with the hike in home prices, especially as competition for homes grows. In most big cities, rising home prices and mortgage rates are making it more difficult for the average-income worker to

Real Estate Term of the Day – Tandem Loan

A tandem loan refers to a pair of loans taken out on a single asset. They typically get attached to large assets, including single-family homes or commercial real estate that uses multiple sources of funding in the course of the

Trending – Voice Assistants

Voice assistants (think “Alexa,” from Amazon) are becoming increasingly useful in real estate. They ease the transfer of money, and some property managers are experimenting with allowing their tenants to pay rent through their voice assistants. A new deal between

Hello From the Listing Side

It sounds like this agent could use a better led gen site….maybe she should look into USHud? Happy Friday!

Characteristics That Identify a Good Realtor

You’ll Never Guess How Much San Francisco’s Most Expensive House Is

San Francisco is famous for being expensive, but how expensive is its most expensive listing? The home lies behind a gate in Russian Hill, and is 9500 sq feet with a wellness center. It has a steam room, a sauna,

Real Estate Term of the Day – Triple Net Lease

A triple net lease is an agreement that designates that the tenant is solely responsible for all costs relating to what is being leased, in addition to the rent fee. It is called a triple net lease because it requires

Trending – Return of the Co-ops

For the last few years in big cities like Manhattan, new housing developments and condos overtake the co-op resale market. But, as competition for homes remains fierce and prices continue to climb in these already barely affordable markets, some buyers