Where Buyers Who Earn $60K a Year Can Buy a Home

The middle class is having trouble keeping up with the hike in home prices, especially as competition for homes grows. In most big cities, rising home prices and mortgage rates are making it more difficult for the average-income worker to afford homeownership. However, this is not the case with all cities in the country. According to realtor.com, a person earning a $60,000 salary could comfortably afford a home in these cities:


  1. Pittsburgh, PA (median listing price $179,100)
  2. Rochester, NY (median listing price $177,500)
  3. Buffalo, NY (median listing price $185,100)
  4. St. Louis, MO (median listing price $209,500)
  5. Cleveland, OH (median listing price $179,500)
  6. Birmingham, AL (median listing price $219,200)