You’ll Never Guess How Much San Francisco’s Most Expensive House Is

San Francisco is famous for being expensive, but how expensive is its most expensive listing? The home lies behind a gate in Russian Hill, and is 9500 sq feet with a wellness center. It has a steam room, a sauna, and a hot tub with UV filtration. It also comes with a garden that sits on a third of an acre and shelters century-old olive trees. It can be all yours for a cool $45 million dollars.

The house boasts some of the latest in “biophilia” design, working off of the ideal that humans instinctively desire to connect with nature. There is acoustic clay wrapping the home and soundproofing mats in the floors to quiet all interior spaces, and there is a whole-house air filtration system that changes the air 12 times a day. The outdoor entertaining area is surrounded by trees and bushes, and is meant to act as an escape from the city. Some other fancy features include a below-ground space that has been dubbed an art gallery / nightclub, as well as a private entrance that leads to a four-car garage / car or dog washing station.

The address of the home is 950 Lombard St, and it is privately listed off the MLS. If you want more information on San Francisco’s most expensive property, you can check out its website.