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Real Estate Term of the Day – Triple Net Lease

A triple net lease is an agreement that designates that the tenant is solely responsible for all costs relating to what is being leased, in addition to the rent fee. It is called a triple net lease because it requires

Trending – Amazon’s HQ2 City

Amazon has released its list of 20 finalist cities as it searches for a site for its second headquarters. Whichever city Amazon decides to land in will be very lucky indeed, as the boost to their economy and the influx

Real Estate Term of the Day – Tenancy at Will

Tenancy at will, or real estate at will, is a tenancy that is not dictated by a lease or contract. This type of arrangement is usually reached between an owner and a lessee, and can be terminated at any point

5 Markets Prime for Appreciation

  According to recent research, home prices across the country will continue to appreciate over the next 12 months by as much as 5%. States on the West Coast are expected to appreciate the most, with prices expected to rise

HUD Give Out $47 Million Dollars Towards Housing Counseling

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has said it will grant $47 million towards providing housing counseling that will help over 1 million families find housing or avoid foreclosure. HUD-approved housing counselors do a lot to aid homebuyers,

Real Estate Term of the Day – Land Value

Land Value is the value of a piece of property, calculated by taking into account both the value of the land itself and any improvements that have been made to it. Land value increases when demand for land exceeds the

Trending – Porch Pirates

It is that time of year again, where the holidays are fast approaching and online shopping is ramping up. However, it is also when work schedules are in full swing and no one is home during the day to bring

Coldwell Banker Helps Put Over 20,000 Pets in Homes

In this day and age, pets are members of the family, and families and homes go hand in hand. Because of this, being considerate of pet-friendliness is one of the biggest priorities for realtors. Many real estate agencies are taking

Trending – Renter’s Strikes

Because of overpopulation in cities, many landlords are raising rent prices to historically high numbers simply because they can. In bigger cities where there is no rent control mechanism in place, this has been driving tenants to take part in

Real Estate Term of the Day – Zombie Foreclosure

A Zombie Foreclosure happens when owners of a home vacate because they incorrectly believe they have been foreclosed upon, when in fact the foreclosing lender has abandoned the foreclosure. If the lender abandons a foreclosure without telling the original owners,