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How To Choose a Real Estate Agent

Rookies Can Double Their Income After Their First Year

While the first year as a real estate agent can be daunting, and it might feel like you can never launch your business off the ground, there is a reason to stick with it. According to the 2018 Real Estate

Trending – Patios

Outdoor space is popping up on more and more homebuyer wish-lists, so homes with patios are selling quickly and many new homes are being built with them. Almost 59% of new homes started in 2017 included patios, making them more

Real Estate Term of the Day – Limited Common Elements

This term comes up most frequently in conversations surrounding condos or townhouse communities, and they refer to properties of a unit that belong to the HOA and not to the tenant. They are usually features that are a part of

Ellen’s Not Real Realtor

Ellen really knows how to poke fun at the real estate business! Check out this Friday’s fun video

Vacation Markets Where You Will Get the Most Return-on-Investment

  Vacation homes can be a great investment, and provide you with some very necessary relaxation and family-bonding time. But, another thing they are very good for is bringing in an extra source of income, especially if you are spending

10 Cities to Retire in Off the Beaten Track

Retiring can be an opportunity to change your life, whether that means exploring a new hobby that has always captured your interest or traveling to places you’ve always wanted to go. But, have you ever considered it as an opportunity

What Do Kids Think Real Estate Is?

Our video this Friday comes from YouTube and shows how funny kids can be without even meaning to!

Ellen’s “Really Real” Real Estate Listings

This Friday’s fun video comes to you from the Ellen DeGeneres Show!

What Makes a Great Real Estate Website?

A great website could be the key to more inbound leads for your business, but how do you design a good one from scratch? If you are completely new to the technological game, consulting a professional is probably your best